Hey y’all! So last I posted, I was telling you about our struggles. My husband is unemployed. I am working 3 jobs. We are eating lots of ramen noodle. If you missed that post, you can read that here.

So I told you how this has been one of the best rides in our lives together. I know, I know. It sure doesn’t seem like it when you have no money, bills piling up, and ramen noodle coming out the wazoo! But ya’ll it really has been an amazing journey these last 2 months.

You see, for the past 2 months, we have had to lean on God and not ourselves. We have had to trust God in all that we do. We have had to stay in His Word even when things came crashing down. Plain and simple: We have to wait!

Now for those who know me, you know that I am a pretty positive person. I have my faith, I believe with every ounce of my being, I trust God with every aspect of my life. My husband on the other hand, well he needs a little convincing. Let me tell you friends, God has been working overtime in our house! He may need a little vacation from us lol!

Richie (that’s my husband for those of you who are knew to the blog), is a Christian. He loves God. He knows that God has plans for us. He knows there is a bigger picture. However, Richie is not good with waiting. But who really is? God has made him wait for 5 months! For 5 months we have been praying for a job for him. Our bible study group has been in prayer for him. We have really been seeking God through all of this. It had seemed like God wasn’t listening. Oh but He was!

God sends little affirmations exactly when you need them. And that’s exactly what He did for Richie. An old boss contacted Richie through a text message and said he was interested in him. On a Sunday night. When we least expected it. Out of the blue.

Our bible study group told us to write down these little affirmations or miracles so that later we could look back on them and say, “Wow God!”.

So the next day, He heard nothing from the guy. And nothing the next day. Now Richie was getting anxious. He tried calling the guy and texting him but never received a call/text back. The next day we went to bible study and a lady had a word just for Richie. She told him that he needed to rest.  That he was doing all he could and he wasn’t letting God do it. That he did what he needed to do so now he just needed to let God work. So we went home and rested.

The next day, his bigger boss called and had absolutely no clue why he dialed Richie! He actually said on the phone, “Who is this? I didn’t even mean to call you!”. After, he told Richie that he was working on stuff for Richie. After Richie hung up, he knew God was moving.

Then it felt like He stopped moving. 3 days went by and we didn’t hear anything. No one returned Richies calls. By this time we were really struggling money wise. We then made the decision to quit our bowling league. We really didn’t want to but we couldn’t afford it anymore. The whole day I was dreading telling our team members who are now our family. They needed 4 people for a team and we were already a few weeks in. So we were going to leave them high and dry. When we got there, I went talk to the league secretary and she told me to go talk to a friend of hers. So I explained the situation to her again and she smiles and says, “This is perfect! I was just telling Dee that I have 2 people who are wanting to bowl in this league but we have no openings!” I definitely know that God worked that out to everyone’s benefit! No doubt!

Next 3 days came and went. Still no call. Richie was getting impatient and understandably so. He didn’t feel God moving anymore. He thought God had forgot about him. Next few days were hard for him. Its hard to trust God when you don’t see anything working.

Friday night, we were asked to sub for our bowling team. Which was a blessing because we desperately needed to get out of the house. That same night, a friend of Richies called him and they talked a while and he told Richie he would talk to his friend and see what he could do.

Saturday morning, I updated my checkbook and wrote my tithe check. Then I paid our electric bill. It was 220.00. That left us with 50 dollars in our account. What would we do for 4 days with only 50 bucks? We spent the rest of the day spring cleaning. Or fall cleaning? Since its fall, we will call it fall cleaning. We moved furniture, flipped the mattress, cleaned out cabinets, etc. We were really moving. Then our neighbor came over. We have not seen/heard from her in a few months because she works full time and takes care of her mom. So she had no clue what we were going through. She looks at me and says, “God told me to give ya’ll this 50 dollar gift card to Walmart”. I burst into tears and told her what was going on. She then got teary eyed and we hugged. I thanked her and came inside. Told Richie and he cried. All we could do was tell God how awesome He is!!! Then Saturday evening, his boss text him and said he was going to talk to his boss Monday because they needed a night person!

Sunday we went to church. Awesome service as usual. We came home and I headed off to Walmart with my gift card to get groceries. I was able to purchase everything we needed for 4 big meals and headed to PetSmart. We have 2 sugar gliders and they require a special diet. So I had to get some vitamins to put in their food. Normally its 13 bucks. I got to the register and had my ones and quarters ready to pay. It rang up 3.50. I told her it wasn’t right. So she rang it up again. Same price. So I told her I could wait for her to call the manager. Once he came, he scanned it twice and told the girl to give it to me for that price! So we did. He came back with another one and it rang up 13. I offered to pay it and he said that since it rang up that way, He had to give it to me for that. I walked out of the store praising God!!! Then I went to Walgreens to get my medicine which is about 9 dollars. I have a Walgreens card that gives you points and after so many points, you get money off. I had just checked it days before and I still needed 1500 points to get 3.00 off. So I get to the register and the girl says I have 5.00 off! I was like are you sure? And she says yes. So my meds were 3.00 even!

Sunday evening, We spent the evening Praising God for His Goodness!! It is now Tuesday evening and we are still waiting to hear news but if we don’t, we will not be discouraged! We know that God is Good!

As I was doing bible study Sunday night, the Pastor said something that resonated with me all day today. This Pastor said,”Sometimes in order for God to say Yes to you, He has to say No to someone else.” Wow! That’s an amazing thing to think about! It really humbles you to know that you are potentially taking another persons position. So as I prayed this evening, I remembered to pray for the person God has to say no to for Richie to get his yes. Its quite a hard thing to pray for. But it also reminds you how God works. And it also brings you back to the reality of life and how unfair it is. I’m sure there are tons of men, applying for the same job as Richie, and praying this is the break they need. Which makes this even more humbling.

Have any words of encouragement? What about you? Do you need encouragement? Comment below so I can get your thoughts or prayer request on the subject!

Update: It is Wednesday morning and we still haven’t heard anything. BUT, we are still trusting God!





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